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Wood. But not as you know it...

OK, so you've seen other 'manufactures' selling similar products. Maybe they are cheaper, maybe they are a whole heap more expensive. I bet on the most part we can trump them on a number of things (let's leave the quality issue to one side...for now) but the one thing that really makes our tables very, very special and hence your table genuinely unique, is the wood we choose to use. Over the years we've built up a close working relationship with a number of sawmills, all stubbornly independent and all armed with a huge bank of knowledge. But what really marks them out is they all specialise in wood responsibly sourced from British grown trees.

We buy the bulk of our oak and ash from literally up the road from our workshop. Run by our good friends Tom and Polly Bedford, these guys really know their stuff and have invested heavily in a fantastic set up. Huge volumes of UK grown timber, enormous sheds, kilns and a great team. It's a seriously impressive place and we're super lucky to have them on our doorstep. And bonus - now certified by

Your new table will more often than not come from one tree, and if not, one single woodland and as such will show everything that amazing tree went through. And guess what. Thanks to the dedication of amazing businesses like UK Hardwoods we can tell you exactly where that tree stood. Traceable timber, responsible and legally sourced. Your Yaffle and Bosk purchase directly feeds back the future sound management of our precious British woodland. Not bad, eh.

More on our chosen sawmills to come.....

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