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Fallen and Felled. A very special business.....

So, we recently shone a spotlight on one of our very local timber suppliers. Now for a focus on another very special sawmill up country in London. A friend recommended these guys a few years back when I was struggling to find what I needed. Boy, did I hit the jackpot with ! Bruce and Patrick couldn't have been any more helpful and really dug me out of the proverbial. In spite of the extra distance between our businesses I've gone back to them on a number of occasions. Their ethos and integrity shine through. A special sawmill, and a special business. Read on.....

"About Fallen & Felled

Fallen & Felled is a London-based timber company which repurposes trees felled in and around London into hardwood timber for use by furniture makers, architects and designers. Most trees felled in the city – due to old age, disease or to make way for development - are chipped and incinerated. Fallen & Felled is pioneering a sustainable alternative which reduces the UK’s reliance on imported hardwood, and keeps tonnes of carbon in the wood and out of the atmosphere.


Where they started

The business started when Bruce found he was unable to find any English hardwood to buy in London. Shortly afterward he spotted a felled London plane tree on a construction site near his home in Camden that was due to be chipped up and burned. ‘Could I turn it into timber?’ he wondered. It turned out that he could, and several years later he’s still doing it!  He was joined by his old school friend Patrick in 2020 who had experience in marketing, PR and business management. Covid had left him furloughed and itching for a new adventure."

I would encourage anyone who loves wood to buy from and support these guys. It almost makes me want to move back to London. Almost... you guys rock :-)

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