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Wood is a natural living, breathing material that will age and change over time. Characteristics that we expect and embrace include cracks, knots, mineral deposits, inclusions, as well as grain and pigment variations (sometimes filler or a wood patch is required, and you may be lucky enough to find a hand cut bow tie in your item). All these things give each piece its unique character and tell the story of the wood and its origins. English timber has all these things in abundance. That’s why we love it!


Our timber is expertly kiln dried here in Devon to help reduce splitting and warping, but some natural movement is to be expected, particularly in the first 12 months as it acclimatises to its new home. Variations in height, width or depth for all pieces may vary by as much as one inch and small cracks may well appear. Radiators, underfloor heating, and air con are not your table’s friend - a well ventilated room for at least the first 3 months of ownership will help any large table to adjust to its new surroundings.


Each item is individually handcrafted with meticulous care. Given its handmade and hand-finished nature, variations in the wood or metal work are to be expected and celebrated. Your product is, by its very nature, completely unique and like a fine wine, will mature and develop with age. Enjoy!


  • Avoid spills or contact with liquids for the first 5 days after receipt to allow the finish to cure fully.

  • Once cured, you can keep your table clean using a soft, preferably dry cloth. A damp cloth can be used if necessary, but it should never be dripping wet.

  • Clean spills immediately and dry thoroughly to help avoid staining. For a more thorough daily clean we recommend using our aftercare kit.

  • Do not use bleach, silicon based polishes or harsh chemical cleaners.

  • The finishes we use help to protect your table but placing mugs dinner plates etc without using placemats or coasters will degrade the finish faster and could mark the surface.

  • Hot pans placed directly onto the table may burn or mark the surface.

  • Place candles in candle holders to help avoid staining or damage.

  • Avoid placing your furniture near any heat sources. A well ventilated room for at least the first 3 months of ownership will help any large table to adjust to its new surroundings.

  • We like our products to age gracefully, showing signs of wear and tear. You can’t recreate the patina of a much loved, well used family table! However, if you feel your product needs a little extra tlc in years to come we would recommend............

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